York Brake Cam Parts in India

York Brake Cam Parts in India

York parts India is the sole after market supplier and manufacture of brake cam parts of York trailers. We have extensive range as shown below. You can either order us using the list but even if you are little naive you can simply call us on +91 9811786344 and we will get you sorted. All of the York brake cam parts sold by us are new and have been never been used. They are all tested and checked by engineers so that they fit perfectly just like OE parts.

All of York brake cam parts are manufacture according to OE standards to ensure peace of mind for you who is our end user.

KDST 193 500374 Circlip camshaft
KDST 193 500362 Nylon spherical bearing NSB
KDST 193 500363 Housing
KDST 193 500375 ‘O’ ring
KDST 193 507558 Dustwasher for grease nipple extension
KDST 193 500686 Dust seal
KDST 193 502765 Nylon bush (white) 45mm long
KDST 193 786123 Plastic bush (yellow) 45mm long
KDST 193 503087 Phosphor bronze bush
KDST 193 500358 Washer
KDST 193 500375 ‘O’ ring
KDST 193 72301R Camshaft RH
KDST 193 72301L Camshaft LH
KDST 193 012312 Set screw (Imperial)
KDST 193 005420 Set screw (Metric)
KDST 193 505521 Shakeproof washer (Imperial)
KDST 193 755014 Shakeproof washer (Metric)
KDST 193 801602 Grease nipple straight
KDST 193 786330 Slack adjuster pull off spring

If you have any doubt feel free to call us on +91 981176344. We also have massive range of brake shoe and anchor.

KDS-534601 Camshaft bush kit (yellow 45mm bush)
KDS-460101 Camshaft bush kit (bronze bush)
KDS-500372 Fulcrum pin
KDS-503320 Return spring
KDS-786288 Return spring Q/C type
KDS-500356 Cam roller
KDS-500373 Spring cam roller
KDS-786277 Unlined shoe
KDS-029062 Unlined shoe Q/C type
423-018756 Dust cover pairs
350-259016 Bolt dust cover
423-500848 Dust cover plug
KDS-501787 Bush anchor pin
KDS-501995 Anchor pin
KDS-758525 Circlip anchor pin
350-801605 Grease nipple 90o
KDS-502245 Rivet
350-801602 Grease nipple
350-507327 Grease valve extension